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The organisation and practice of youth work


The organisation and practice of local youth work needs to be adapted to local conditions and resources as well as the needs of the young people concerned. Living in the suburbs of big cities, in small cities or in rural areas means different possibilities and challenges for both young people and youth work. This in turn will lead to big differences in both organisation and the forms of youth work provided. Never the less there are a number of key issues that need to be considered regardless of local conditions and resources, considerations that in fact are necessary if local youth work should be able to answer to the needs of young people in the best possible way.

This section handles both organisation and practice since they are both closely connected and entwined. Some of the issues raised in this section will most probably ask for cooperation and/or support from other stakeholders. These might be for example providers of youth worker education or various institutions and networks on national or European level. This does not make these issues less important, and the charter team will be more than happy to assist you in establishing relevant contacts.

Have a nice process! Go for change!

The organisation and practice of local youth work needs…