Good practices in local youth work

We are looking for tools and best practices

The European Charter on Local Youth Work was launched in June 2019. In order to stimulate and support these discussions the steering group of Europe Goes Local decided to develop an online support material, called “Change makers kit”. One feature of the kit is to show the examples of tools and best practices that can stimulate the further development of local youth work. Hence, the tools and practices we are looking for needs to address a specific issue and to be transferable to other contexts.

Tools are practical utensils that are designed to fill a specific function while a best practice is a clearly structured and repeatable routine for carrying out a specific task. Practices often include the use of tools, e.g. if the tool is a deck of cards with ethical dilemmas, the practice is (one possible) routine for using it in a good way.

Do you have a tool or best practice that matches the above description and criteria? Are you interested in sharing it with others? If so, please fill in this short form. After going through the different proposals, the EGL-team will contact those selected to get more detailed information.

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