The Europe Goes Local strategic cooperation project is arriving at a new milestone. After launching the European Charter on Local Youth Work in 2019, the network started to build an on-line toolkit to support the implementation of the Charter. This on-line toolkit, which we will call the Changemakers Kit includes good practices, explanatory and background information, a library of policy documents and an interactive tool for self-assessment and planning future actions.
The launch of the Changemakers Kit will happen via a live streamed webinar on the 20th of October at 14:30-16:30 CET. Besides introducing the features of the new tool at the webinar, we also intend to create a moment for reflection on the situation of local youth work and to have a live a panel discussion between key stakeholders, presenting good practices from the municipal level and some messages from decision makers.

Open access via Zoom:

and the Facebook event.

Europe Goes Local is looking for various experts to implement its upcoming activities:

On-line activities of the Europe Goes Local project in October 2020

Training of Charter Ambassadors (residential training course – April 2021)

How to apply?

Please, send your proposal via e-mail to the project coordinator, Judit Balogh ( by the 28th of August 2020.

Please, find all details of the calls in the attached files:

Call for experts to implement on-line activities

Call for experts: Training course for Charter Ambassadors


One of the initial goals of the Europe Goes Local project was to help the recognition of youth work as an important domain of the personal development of young people and a crucial tool to build flourishing communities. Europe Goes Local created a framework in which the National Agencies of the Erasmus+ programme and the stakeholders of municipal youth work could respond to the needs of the youth work sector of the local level. MOVIT, the Slovenian National Agency for the EU programmes Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps decided to create a literature review about the impact of youth work first. The study was first published in Slovenian and now the TRUTHS ABOUT THE IMPACT OF (LOCAL) YOUTH WORK, written by Tomaž Deželan and Nina Vombergar, is also available in English.

Uroš Skrinar, the director of MOVIT describes the rationale behind the publication in the introduction of the publication:

“It was when we discussed with Europe Goes Local partners about how to approach convincing the others, the unconvinced, as well as support youth workers on the local level in their advocacy in support of youth work, that we agreed that we need a short document about what youth work is and what impact it has. This gave life to this publication, which provides a clear and rich overview of the relevant literature on the characteristics and impact of youth work. With it we wish to contribute to the added value of youth work both on the national and local level becoming better understood and more valued. It can serve as a set of arguments in advocating youth work, which really needs to be strengthened; it can serve as a guide for youth workers for higher quality of their work; and, yes, it can also serve as a source for further research into the impact of quality youth work—our work.”

The on-line version of the publication is accessible via

The Europe Goes Local network had planned to meet in Paris this spring to exchange views about the current state of play and to share thoughts about the future of the project.  These plans had to change and the initial ideas were transformed into an on-line process which included a virtual meeting on the 28th of April which brought together 50 participants from the participating countries of the project network.

The participants of the seminar worked together on recommendations regarding the future of the project. The key messages of the group are the following:

Recommendations on the future aims and objectives of Europe Goes Local at the European Level

Reflections on future training offers for youth workers and members of the network

A training for Charter Ambassadors (for the European Charter on Local Youth Work)

Modular Training on Local Youth Work

These recommendations will now be discussed by the Steering Group of Europe Goes Local and a new vision, aims and objectives will be finalized.

Find more information about the seminar at the Events section of our website.

The Europe Goes Local network will hold a peer-learning seminar on 27-29 April 2020 in Paris which will bring together 60 people both from Erasmus+ National Agencies and municipal institutions, organisations.

We are looking for the facilitator of the seminar who has the following background:

Deadline to apply: 6 December 2019

Please, check the Call for offers for details of the work and the application procedure.

JINT vzw is looking for a service provider that would create the layout of the on-line toolkit to support the work with the European Charter on Local Youth Work.

The on-line toolkit is to be integrated into the website of the Europe Goes Local project (

Extended deadline to apply: 20 October 2020.

More details: Call for offers