A Strategic Partnership to support municipal level youth work

The National Agencies of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme and their partners decided to engage in long-term cooperation. This long term cooperation project is called ‘EUROPE GOES LOCAL –Supporting Youth Work at the Municipal Level’ and it runs from July 2016.

The core aim of the project is to raise the quality of local youth work in particular through enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders that are active at the municipal level. The Partnership currently involves about 200 members who represent around 120 municipalities in the participating countries.

The Partnership also intends to have a multiplying effect by connecting to various activities of the partners and spreading project results to a wide range of stakeholders. This Strategic Partnership is a platform for multi-level initiatives. Large-scale events, mapping exercises and network-wide actions are coordinated at the European level while National Agencies develop national plans to respond to the needs of their partners and create different types of learning opportunities with a transnational dimension.